Course Samples

Regular training is the only way to develop consistent mastery in a wide variety of circumstance under pressure.  Not everyone has the time to invest in regular weekly practice, however.  The following course samples are intended to give students a basic understanding and take away knowledge that can make the difference between success and failure.

Pain Compliance 1
          Common holds, come alongs, urban myths. Most security professionals have learned a few ways to 'manhandle' someone out of an area or into a vehicle.  We take a look at 15 of the most effective tactics and break down each movement to make them efficient and functional, and safe for both parties. PC1 is the basis of all courses and utilizes universal principles that are applied unarmed or with any weapon to control an aggressor.

Pain Compliance 2
          Level 2 PC takes principles from the first class and puts you on the ground, in tight quarters, and adds escape methods to your arsenal.  We then introduce baton, or short stick, and learn how to apply learned techniques with greater force using standard tools.

Edged Weapons 1
          Course 1 immediately begins with a force on force fight to demonstrate the reality of what we are looking at and level the playing field.  Students then learn fighting principles for dealing with armed aggressors from dynamic and static positions.

Edged Weapons 2
          Reinforcement and repetition.

Environmental Assets 1
          Using items commonly found in your environment for effective defense and control.  Universal principles applied in all courses are the basis for tactical response.  15 fundamental parries using any hand held object lead to jiu jutsu pain compliance holds, or takedowns, or damaging options depending on circumstance.

Environmental Assets 2
          Repetition, additional training using flexible items such as cords, belts, and rope.  Techniques are essentially the same regardless of what tool or object is used to apply force. 

Survival, Wilderness
          Prioritizing, assessing, and initiating action with a mind toward awareness.  Our complete program for survival information is a long term study with levels of progression similar to those found within a martial arts schools.  Each level, or chart, covers various topics, seasons, environments, and cultural perspectives to give the student a well rounded and experiential approach to mastery.

Tracking and Counter Tracking
          Learning to travel while maintaining awareness of where we are going, where others are, and controlling the information.          

Night Operations
          Getting comfortable in the dark is essential for outdoor personnel of all types.  This class teaches tricks for moving without lights, keeping on course, being safe, and getting to where you need to be.  Both old mountaineering tricks and modern gadgets make this an entertaining and eye opening study for expert and beginner alike.

Walking Sticks, Canes, and Drummers
          Designed for civilians who are increasingly restricted in carrying defensive tools, this class takes Filipino systems, Taijutsu, Jiu Jutsu, and uses that information with non threatening devices to apply techniques. 

Clothing as a Weapon
          What you wear is a liability or an asset.  Learn to use your clothing, or that of another person, to incapacitate and control.  Universal Principles of angles, leverage, and combat make this class worthwhile for seasoned professionals or a beginning student of self defense.